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ANGENSTEIN AG is a Swiss family firm specialising in the manufacture of butterfly valves in a variety of polymers (thermoplastics or thermosetting plastics).  The butterfly valves are used in processes handling low pressure (0.5 bar) toxic gases where metal valves are not suitable for reasons of chemical resistance.  Each valve, available in a wide variety of forms and options, is manufactured strictly in accordance with the requirements and specifications of the client.  Through our involvement in the chemical industry our company is also very active in manufacturing tanks and reactor vessels in glass fibre reinforced PVDF, E-CTFE, FEP and PFA.  Storage tanks for chemicals are often protected by an inert atmosphere of nitrogen.  For this application our pressure regulator Type 4600 is able to control the pressure inside the storage tank between 20 and 100 mbar. This pressure regulator is available in a variety of different plastic materials PE-HD, PE el, PP-H, PVDF, PVDF el, E-CTFE, PFA, PTFE and stainless steel.

The ANGENSTEIN product range includes the following:

  • Butterfly valve type 4050 (99% seat tightness)
  • Butterfly valve type 4050-2 (100% seat tightness through use of sealing air)
  • Butterfly valve type 4100 (100% seat tightness through use of inflatable seating)
  • Pressure Regulator type 4600
  • Expansion joints in PFA
  • Tanks
  • Reactor VesselsAngenstein

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