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GUICHON Valves is a French manufacturer of high performance custom made valves used in the chemical, petrochemical and related industries. As a result of their long experience, knowledge of materials, welding techniques, etc…  Guichon Valves can offer you almost all types of "custom made" valves. The Guichon product range is available in DIN- and ASME-design, size range DN15 (1/2") till DN1050 (42") and pressure ratings PN10 (Class 150) till PN420 (Class 2500). Bodies and internals are made in carbon steel, stainless steel, but also in special materials such as monel, hastelloy, titanium, nickel, duplex, zirconium and other advanced alloys.

Their valves can be delivered with any of the following options : bellow sealed stem, integrated temperature sensor, heating jacket, cleaning connections, stem extensions, locking devices and other accessories. For operation the valves can be equipped with levers, gearboxes, or different types of pneumatic, electrical or hydraulic actuators.

The GUICHON productrange:
- Piston or ram type valves
- Tank cleaning valves
- Tank bottom valves (with rising or lowering disc, piston type, ball valve type)
- Multiway valves (3-, 4- or 5 way)
- Gate valves ("conical wedge" or "parallel seated")
- Slide valves ("through conduit slide", "parallel seated" or "double slab"-type)
- Globe valves (straight pattern or Y-type)
- Sampling valves (piston type, ball valve type)
- Cryogenic valves
- High temperature valves
- High pressure valves
- Ball valves in special alloys and/or designs
- Butterfly valves in special alloys and/or designs
- Plug valves in special alloys and/or designs
- Check valvesGuichon Valves
- Sight glasses
- Strainers
- Special designs and "custom made" valves

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