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HERBERHOLZ GmbH is a German manufacturer of butterfly valves and damper valves for shut-off and regulation of gaseous media from hot air up to abrasive or corrosive flue- and process gasses (with or without dust). Depending on the material choice their butterfly valves and damper valves can be applied for temperatures up to +1050°C. Available in round (DN 32 till DN2000), square or rectangular body. The valve-body is available as "wafer"-type or in double flanged design.

In function of the type of butterfly- or damper valve the internal tightness is achieved by a swing trough or integrated sealing blades (with our without an additional seal). If 100% tightness is an absolute necessity Herberholz can propose butterfly valves with sealing air system (air barrier). For operation the valves can be equipped with levers, gearboxes, or different types of pneumatic, electrical or hydraulic actuators.

The HERBERHOLZ productrange:
- Butterfly valves
- Butterfly valves with sealing air system
- Damper valves (Register valves)
- Multiblade dampers
- Butterfly valves according "DVGW"
- Quick closing Butterfly valves according DIN EN 161 Class A
  (for gas pipes to burner or multiple burners)
- Resilient seated Butterfly valves
- Lined Butterfly valves
- Check valves
- Special designs and "custom made" Butterfly valves and Damper valves

Website : www.herberholz.comHerberholz


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