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NETHERLOCKS Safety Systems BV is a Dutch manufacturer of various custom made products to improve plant safety and valve operation. One of their specialities is integrated valve locking devices, well know as "valve interlocks". The locks ensure that critical valves can only be operated in a predetermined sequence, whereby the possibility of operator error is eliminated. Additionally the locks serve as a fixed guidance to the operator assisting him to preformed the prescribed operating steps.

The Netherlocks interlock system can be used on all types of industrial equipment and can besides valves also be mounted on; actuators, switches, doors, bolts, sleeves, etc…

Netherlocks has proven to the industrial world to be an innovator in ADD-ON Safety Systems and Valve Controls. Examples of this are their new product groups "partial stroke testing", VPI switchboxes (Valve Position Indicator), Nether-Flex flexible shaft system, etc….
For the mounting of these products Netherlocks and Vena Contracta have trained and experienced VCA-certified service personal at your disposal.

The NETHERLOCKS productrange:

Process interlocking:
The Netherlocks interlock ensures that critical devices will be operated in a predetermined sequence only.

Valve position indiciation
The VPI (stands for Valve Position Indicator) can be mounted on all type of handwheel operated valves and gives a signal back to the control room of the open- and/or closed position of the valve.

Partial stroke testing:
The partial stroke test system type FAITH (stands for Fail Action Integrity Test Handling) is a pure mechanical system to do a "partial stoke test" on ESD / HIPPS valves.

Valve operation:
The Power Wrench is a pneumatic tool to operate big valves and/or valves with a high number of rotations.

Lock-out/Tag-out :
Netherlocks lock out / tag out devices are a low cost solution to create a safe working environment.

Website: www.netherlocks.comNetherlocks Safety Systems


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