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     Phoenix, Strack & Daume



3 valve companies in one group:

Phönix Armaturen-Werke Bregel GmbH is a German manufacturer of bellow sealed and specialty valves for a safe handling of dangerous, highly toxic, flammable and expensive media. widely used in chemical plants, refineries, Conventional- and Nuclear power plants.

Strack Armaturen GmbH is a German manufacturer that offers a complete range of specialty valves like Alkylations - and High Pressure valves that guarantee long lasting safety and reliability in chemical plants, refineries and power stations.

Daume Regelarmaturen GmbH is a German medium-sized company focussed on the development and production of control valves for the whole area of energy supply and for many process technology branches.
The PHÖNIX, STRACK and DAUME productrange:
- PHÖNIX bellow sealed globe valves
- PHÖNIX bellow sealed globe valves with EURO CHLOR approval, for chlorine service
- PHÖNIX bellow sealed gate valve
- PHÖNIX change-over valves
- PHÖNIX instrumentation valves and manifolds
- PHÖNIX control valves
- PHÖNIX tanker valves
- PHÖNIX cryogenic valves
- PHÖNIX special valves

- STRACK high pressure gate, globe and check valves
- STRACK metal-seated liftplug valves
- STRACK HF alkylation valves
- STRACK bottom outlet valves

- DAUME control valves for water and steam cycle of conventional and nuclear plants
- DAUME control valves for process technology
- DAUME cryogenic valves

Since 01.03.2013 is the PHÖNIX group part of the Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Company

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