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Pro-Lock Valve Lockout Ltd is a English company that manufactures the patented PRO-LOCK valve lockout universal system that is used in many manufacturing plants worldwide. The locking system is unique in that it can complement, or replace high priced security seals, padlocks, and chains. The PRO-LOCK range ideal cost-effective and simple solution for the isolation of most of types of valves, industrial machinery, and many other items typically used on industrial locations. The main benefits are that the cable lock system is reusable, lightweight, and reliable. You do not require any keys or cable threading, and the cable is made from a highly corrosion resistant material.

The PRO-LOCK productrange:

- PRO-LOCK cable lockout with polypropylene coated cable
- PRO-LOCK cable lockout with PVC coated cable
- PRO-LOCK cable lockout with SS cable
- PRO-LOCK polypropylene security seals
- PRO-LOCK aluminium, zinc cast and SS cable seals

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